Who are we

Sauve Trade-Engineering

Founded in 1962 by our father Pol Sauvage, P. Sauvage’s Société Anonyme has had a modest start in the family garage. Thanks to his hard work and perseverance, the first industrial building was inaugurated in 1975. The company became a SPRL ten years later.

That’s when we joined our father in this exciting project. We put all our efforts into the development of our company in order to perpetuate the commitment initiated by our father. Gradually, our involvement growing, we have taken over part of the organization to ensure it completely nowadays.

Now, in order to meet a growing demand, we have decided to expand our activities in the Grand Duchy of Luxermburg. This is how Sauvage Trade Engineering was born.

Sauvage Trade Engineering is specialized in the study of various technical products as well as the study of machine transformation. But our areas of expertise are varied. We manufacture gears of all types and raw materials and we can also carry out the maintenance of industrial machines and gearboxes of all types.

We have state-of-the-art equipment that, together with our expertise, enables us to carry out a work of recognized quality.

Now we are proud to continue our father’s work. Each in our field of expertise, we work together to offer our national and international customers products and services of irreproachable quality.

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Anne Sauvage

Administrative manager

Philippe Sauvage

Production manager

Marc Sauvage

Sales manager